Friday, July 27, 2012

Etched lantern

We got invited to a wedding this summer. I was SO excited to go because that means 1. I get to make something for a gift, and 2. I can watch my son dance all crazy at the reception. Oh, and of course 3. To witness a beautiful new beginning for the lovely couple. ;) 

I spied lanterns on clearance at Target, which I was envious of in the first place. We don't have a a real great outdoor space to decorate, but lots of my friends and family I like doing things like this.

I had a couple etching projects before doing this one, so I knew it wasn't going to end up on CraftFail.  I'm learning to do more things with my Silhouette Cameo.  I picked an image I liked, sized it to fit the area of my glass panels and cut it out on vinyl.   These were  a little tricky, because the dandelions were pretty detailed and had small spots, so I had to be careful not to tear when I was removing the vinyl off the paper. 

I smoothed them on so there were no bubbles, and applied Armour Etch to the parts I wanted to etch.  I did one panel at a time, and laid the lantern flat otherwise the etching cream would drip down and that would NOT be good. 

The side and back panel have dandelions, and they are scaled a little bit larger than the front.  The front has the couple's names and their wedding date.  I sneakily added it to the table they had decorated at the reception with their guest book and other stuff; it took them awhile to figure out who it was from. LOL

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