Friday, July 27, 2012

Dresser Redo

 I know, I know. It looked PERFECTLY FINE before...WHY would someone paint wood?! Well, because I can. And I like it.  I'm very picky about what furniture I like left plain wood, and since this was going to go in our son's small bedroom that has a large loft bed that he will eventually share with his baby brother, and said loftbed is stained VERY dark and takes up half the room---we needed to bring something lighter to the room. This dresser is good sized too, but we need a big one so that each of them can have their own "side" for clothes.  Painting it a light color helps keep it from feeling like another ginormous piece of furniture in the room, and keeps it fresh and modern. (Yes, I really did just say fresh and modern. LOL)

We scored this from Craigslist (not everyone selling on there is creepy, I've learned LOL) for $65.  We talked them down from $100, cause they were moving and just wanted it gone. YAY!!!!  I was so glad, because we had to be choosey about not spending much initially since we were planning to put more $ and sweat equity into it.


First, we had to remove the hardware (ugly brass handles and fake keyholes) and use dowels and wood filler to plug 'em up. Nearly every handle in Menards and Lowe's was 4 inches or bigger, and I was not going to settle for another ugly 3.5" handle that we didn't like just because we didn't want to fix the holes. LOL So we spent the extra time doing that step to make this something we really liked. Basically, we sanded it down (just so the shine is gone, you don't have to sand it down to bare wood unless you plan on re-staining and all that.)  To get into the more detailed crevices, we just used smaller pieces of sandpaper folded up.  We skipped primer, and opted for some quality paint.  I really, really would like to try black glaze on a piece sometime, but I think it'd be overkill with the two-tone look we chose.  We used two different gray colors, and they have a slight blue hue to them that actually looks pretty nice in his room.

The knobs are from Hobby Lobby, one side is T and the other is D, for the first letter in each of my son's names.

And of course I had to get that swanky cassette tape lamp from Target. 

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