Friday, July 27, 2012

Child's Mailbox

I spotted children's mailboxes all over Pinterest this summer, and finally made my own!  While I would have loved to find a mini metal one, just a smaller version of the grown-up "real" mailboxes, I made do with what we had. I knew I didn't want a giant one, it had to be compact and not in the way.  Cutting up a cereal box is just not my thing-the cardboard is too thin to survive my 3 year old. :P

What I ended up using was a smaller box we got when we bought our new printer (HP Envy All-in-One, and I *love* it!) that held the software disc, some papers and cords. Its thick cardboard, and closes kind neat with tabs, but those don't stay in very well, so I used black sticky velcro squares on the outside of the box instead so it can be easily opened.  I used the same squares to attach it to my son's bedroom door.  I spelled out MAIL using puffy scrapbooking letters, and also added metal scrapbooking brads to each corner to make it look a little less like a cardboard box. :)

 Link one up in the comments and share yours!

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