Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting ready for baby #2

It's been months since I've done a "real" craft project. Bulletin boards at school just don't count for me...This week, I managed to finished my MIL's kitchen curtains and some super awesome baby closet dividers. Not really hardcore crafting, but my BRAND SPANKING NEW SILHOUETTE CAMEO for Christmas made getting those dividers finished a whole lot easier compared to when I made them for my cute niece's closet! I came across this on Pinterest, and since I discovered our closet rod is removable, decided to do them that way instead of using ribbon and wooden door hangers.

The letter "o's" I found at my local Hobby Lobby are made by Tree House Studio; 2 to a package for less than $2. If you follow her tutorial, I would add that painting both the front, back, insides, and outside of the O is pretty unnecessary. Just paint the outside/inside edges, and then a little bit on front and back where the paper would not cover. I would do one side at a time, and let them dry on upside-down plastic drinking glasses.

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