Monday, September 5, 2011


...making our little Gus a big brother!

And while this isn't necessarily a tutorial (ahem) on how I made said baby...I did make the shirt. I've never appliqued before, and frankly, it was a pain in the ass on my sewing machine. The tension was all messed up with me using the small zig-zag stitch, and at one point, the shirt got sucked up into the feed dog thingy-ma-jigger and I tore a hole in the T-shirt while working on the dot of the i.

After throwing the shirt across the room (come on, it was a late night) after I tore a hole in the shirt because the only way to get it out was to yank it out--I cried. And then I felt much better. Perseverance, People!!! Its what REAL crafty people do.

So, in all honesty, not sure if this is what is "done" when appliqueing letters to a shirt, but here's how I did it. Sorry no pics-this was a "Why Did I Wait Until The Night Before To Start This" project, and there was no time!

1. Print out letters in a Word document, your choice of font.(I suggest something sans serifs, meaning, without the little dash strokes on the ends of the letters).
2. Make sure they are sized according to shirt size, how you want it laid out, etc. And possibly repeat Step 1.
3. Cut out letters, but in rectangles so that you have room to pin to fabric.
4. Pin rectangles to fabric-use lots of pins around, and a couple ON the letters to keep them from slipping as you cut.
5. Remove all pins.
6. Flip upside down and spray with tacky adhesive (comes in spray-paint like can). Don't soak-just mist!
7. Press down on shirt.
8. Let dry for a bit.
9. Use zig-zag stitch around all letters, and inside where little 'circles' are formed in the middle.

Warning: Step 9 is easier than it sounds. Proceed with caution!

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