Thursday, June 23, 2011

ruffle lampshade upgrade

Something had to be done about this lamp. Its the only lamp in our bedroom, and I use it a lot for late-night reading. I couldn't stare at this naked lampshade anymore. Its so BLAH. I'm slowly redecorating our bedroom, and wanted to do something that would go with the colors I picked, but also be able to use it again later or in a different room. Here's the before:
I was trying to figure out what to do, when I remembered ruffles have been trendy on just about everything this year. Okay, ruffles it is. What fabric to use...ribbons are a pain the a$$ to do, so that was out. And I didn't have any on hand I liked. Then it hit: I still had the bridesmaid dress I wore in my sister's wedding last year. Do I dare? Oh, yes, I did. I cut that puppy up! Now, I was careful taking it apart, because I wanted to get the biggest pieces out of the skirt as possible, and I wanted to use the corset for another project.
I cut up long strips of the main fabric, and stitched down the middle of each strip using the longest stitch on my sewing machine and ZERO tension. I only backstitched when I got to the end, so I can pull on the bottom thread at the top to make my ruffle. Next, I ruffled them up (you can do ruffles more or less, just depends on the look you like) and stitched down the center again to hold it in place. I got out my mini-glue gun (not a fave, but its a hand-me-down that works) and hot glued all those suckers in rows around the lampshade. Here it is!

PS: I love my nook.

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