Thursday, June 23, 2011

Burlap wreath

Tatertots and Jello is one of my favoritest (I know that's wrong, leave me alone) craft blogs in the entire world. So when I was looking for a project for a Christmas gift this last December, I had to make something like this for my Mom. I actually made 2 wreaths; one similar to Jen's, except I did the embellishments on a grape vine wreath. I brought that wreath to a Chinese gift exchange with family, and sadly, didn't get a picture. I'd never made fabric of ribbon roses before,so I knew I wanted to do that for the wreath for my Mom. I used the sheer type of ribbon, and man, I burned my fingers with hot glue soooooo many times, but it was worth it. I used a kind of neutral palette, my mom has traditional taste, so no crazy colors here! If you follow Jen's tutorial, you will get the basics. For making the roses, follow this link here.

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