Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gallery Wall

So, if you read my rant on crib sheets, then you can probably guess how I feel about wall art in a nursery. I am not an artist and I could never produce something like this--but I really enjoy seeking out pieces that I find interesting or beautiful in some way. The kind of art you stop and stare at, to admire and appreciate the shapes, colors-- and ask yourself questions about it, what is drawing you to it...

Sorry for the geek-out moment. 

EVERYTHING you see on this wall was a free download and all the frames were purchased at Goodwill from 50 cents to $2.00.  After a coat of white spray paint, and replacing a few hooks on the backs--they were ready to go!  I didn't mind taking these to Target for printing--the resolution is fairly high for all these, and the colors came out close enough for the quality/price. It was about $2 for each 5x7 print.  To hang, I used 3M sawtooth hooks depending on weight/size; and the strips for lightweight frames.

The Vintage Owl Engraving (1) I took it to Staples.  I didn't *think* this would be difficult enough for someone else to there is NO tutorial for this...but between you and me? I've made pie. Once. And it was kinda hard. I promise this is EASIER than pie.  For an 18 x 24 engineer's print, it was a whopping $1.92. I used a small foam roller to apply matte Mod Podge on the back of the paper and carefully attach it to a 16 x 20 canvas.  I trimmed extra length from the print, then Mod Podged the sides of the canvas to wrap around. The ink bled just a little bit while I was smoothing it down, but its not noticeable on the print at all. After letting it dry completely, I topped with 2 more coats of MP and 2 thin coats of clear sealer.   

The  bird (2) &  butterfly (3) are also from The Graphics Fairy. She posts amazing, real vintage images that are in the public domain. I did use Photoshop Elements to resize and extend the background for the butterfly picture.

The other two prints are from Feed Your Soul: the free art project page.  Unfortunately, its no longer updated--but downloads of past artwork is still available. I used Jo Cheung's untitled piece with the  sleeping fox (4) and Nancy Mungcal's Pretty Little Thieves (5)  These are direct downloads for PDF. After magnifying to 300%, I used the snapshot tool to capture the entire image, then open it in Photoshop Elements so I could resize them to fit my frames.  

More images I <3 from The Graphics Fairy....
Colorful feather  Really pretty feather These are just two from similar feathers available that caught my eye. 

Victorian Alphabet Chart  If I don't put this in baby girl's room, there's a good chance I'll find a place for this somewhere else in my house!

Man in the Moon is so cool without being overly cartoony-cute. If you have some skills with photo editing software like Photoshop or Pixlr, you could add a quote or other layers to create a unique piece.

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