Friday, June 6, 2014

Life in Bloom

With the "polar vortex" aka CRAPPY WINTER we had, I was looking forward to seeing everything come back and grow again.  I was a busy woman last year and planted Princess Irene and Ronaldo tulips, a daffodil mix, Rainforest Sunrise and Sweet Home Chicago hostas, a Lynnwood Gold forsythia, common lilac, 40+ divisions of German bearded irises, bleeding heart, Endless Summer hydrangeas, and English Roseum rhododendron that I was SUPER anxious to see survive.  I was pretty worried about the hydrangeas...but come Spring, some leaves were growing that were peeking under the (protection? cover) the leaves and (ahem) neighbor's dog poop provided.....Mmm hmm.  That was fun to smell in our backyard too. Anyhoo.... 

After we moved into our home last Spring, I took quite a few pictures, but not very good this year I wanted to make sure I documented things as they were growing as a journal-of-sorts...ESPECIALLY for my peonies!  I don't know what kind they are, and they are just massive hedges that have likely been there for more than a few decades.  So, here are a few of the things I have been admiring. Thanks for stopping by my garden. :)

First type of my peonies to blossom.  Nearly all of them are brown now and starting to fall just as the magenta and blush color types are opening!

My bleeding hearts.....I'd like to work in a Doctor Who reference here, but since there's more than 2....

Just opens into the flower pictured right below!!!!  Its a blush pink, it fades to nearly all white.

Dark magenta with silver tips.  Opened later, about the same time as the blush one above.

Last type of my peonies I have to open.  This shrub has tons of buds, and its more than 4 feet tall.

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