Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nursery Sneak Peek

I just cannot wait until baby girl's room is done!  I don't want to post too many things until I do the big room reveal, so I thought I'd share the same peek as I have with my family.  I'm working on blog posts to have them ready-to-go when I do get everything done...because there is some seriously good stuff I'm planning---and its fun for me to share how I created something if someone else might appreciate it too. Even though I have a whopping 6 followers---it's pretty awesome that those 6 followers are following me at all, considering really how pathetic my maintenance of my own blog has been. LOL  So thank you for sticking around. :)


Lined drawers

Painted original hardware

Even if green isn't your choice of color---I'm really confident about how its going to work with everything else that will be going on in there.  I like that its unexpected in a girl's room, and its especially bold for a baby room.  It makes for a very interesting combination with our dark purple wall! Details on that to come....
Another piece in the room I'm super excited to share is the bunting!  The time consuming part was really just cutting all the triangles and sewing them together.  I made my own template, and cut 2 pieces for each flag, laid wrong sides together, and just did a straight stitch all around.  Once that was done, I laid them out on the floor to get the pattern right.  I only have one at an end that's a little off...don't look!  Next, I pinned so they were tucked inside the bias tape and stitched.  To hang on the wall, I knotted each end and looped them around a clear 3M hook. 

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