Wednesday, June 22, 2011

upcycling diaper packaging

First, you have to have a potty training toddler. No, not really. Just get a cardboard box. Any kind, will do, really. Just be careful slicing off the flaps on the top of the box--no one wants a bloody mess.

Next, I dug through my fabric stash to see what would work on the box. I'm using the houndstooth print on another project, and my son could use some storage that matches, so I decided on the houndstooth print from Premier Prints and some scraps of linen I had that *was* going to be a pillow...

ANYWAY, lay the box down on the fabric, and use a rotary cutter to cut around the box to make your piece for each panel. You'll want to go back and trim later. On the longer sides of the box, I cut them a little longer so the fabric would wrap around the sides, as well as over the top of the box so I can hide it later. Obviously, you can measure each side if you want, but I'm not that kinda girl.

Then, I used a whole lotta Mod Podge smeared on the side, and slowly smoothed the fabric over the side. You will have some sticking out at the top. You'll want to snip a bit at the top so that where the fabric would roll over the top to the inside top of the box, it will not overlap. If you don't, you can't press it in to the corner and it gets all bunchy.

Once you do that for each side of the outside of the box, go back over the edges with Mod Podge to make sure nothing will come loose and the fabric won't fray.

NOW, to the INSIDE of the box:
Cut your panels the same way you did for the outside pieces. These will need to be trimmed, because the inside of your box has smaller dimensions than the outside. :) You can lay the pieces inside, and take off a little bit at a time. Take some extra off at the top of the panel so that when the whole box is done, you will have some of the outside fabric peeking out at the rim of the inside of the box.

Make sure the very last piece of fabric you Mod Podge to the inside of the box is the bottom piece--it covers up all the seams of the interior panels.

You can finish the inside by Mod Podging some ribbon, so that it hides the seam where the interior/exterior fabric meet (which isn't always aligned).

Here's what mine looks like finished:


  1. This is super cute! Love your paper choices. :D

  2. Very nice, I will be making some new storage boxes this way and my garage will be quite the cool place

  3. Really crafty idea. I love it and I have some fabric leftovers from when I used to sew alot.

    TFS, Becki
    Happy Card Encouragement Factory

  4. I'm going to try this with a detergent box, and use some brass hardware on the corners (like is used on trunks & wooden boxes) and add a handle to the bottom. The bottom will be the TOP on my project because this will be a cover for my sewing machine when I want to leave it set up. I'll find some sewing theme fabric on eBay that has images of shears, spools of thread, needles, thimbles, tape measures & sewing machines on it.

  5. @Petrosinella-I love the idea of adding hardware! Post the link when you're done, I'd love to see it.